Our Services

Web Design & Development

Website design is more than just a few pretty pictures on a screen with wild font.

At ZuntaMedia, we believe your professional website is the natural extension of your brands story that sets your business apart from you competitors. Having great web design pushes the boundaries of immersing your customers with the digital brand experience.

Our website designers don’t just scratch the surface, they dive deep into understanding your industry and your brands nature. Our unique process allows our web designers to collaborate with you and your team, expanding on creative ideas that will give your brand the edge. Pushing your mission to the next level.

Our Website Process

First, our designers need to understand you and your brand. Developing a comprehensive idea on objectives & goals for your website. Ensuring our team meets the required timeline.

Our team carry’s out extensive research on your industry. Using our resources to highlight competitors, audience and create feed back from varies stakeholders to tailor the overall design of the website.

User Experience & User Interface is the magic element of creating your website. Our team creates the sitemap and wireframe necessary to help us define key features, functionalities and structure of the website. To guarantee feasibility of your website and create a pleasurable experience with your customer.

The when, the where and the how. Are all valid questions upon implanting a content strategy. We will collaborate and create the necessary content strategy that will give your website the maximum impact.

ZuntaMedia will design all of the graphics and elements necessary to bring your brand to life on the internet.

Our Strategic Approach

Most businesses don’t truly understand the psychological effects of their brand. It isn’t exactly what you do, it’s precisely how you do it. ZuntaMedia believes that the psychological dimension of your brand separates your business from the competition. That is the ultimate key for success.

First, we must sit down and have a discussion with you and a select group of individuals that are shaping the future of the company. We want the rawest version of your brands story to build a vision for our creative team to build upon.

Once our team has developed a “feel” for your brand we then discuss the technical aspect of the website design. Using our extensive knowledge and skills to help you envision the process and the potential of an effective website design using user experience (UX) as a key component of our strategy alongside a host of techniques and skills to help funnel your customers to add value and encourage engagement with exceptional interface experience (IU).